Week 3 of the summer term and the building work is continuing at a pace!

It is almost hard to remember what it was like before the mobiles were taken down now as the foundations for the new build are being dug and filled with concrete.

It is reassuring to see so many builders on site every day and they are certainly being kept busy. The foundations for the new build are being dug and we are all amazed at how much sand is coming up. This sand is then being removed from site! The steel rods are going in and concrete is poured into the holes they are digging! In some parts the foundations are over 7 foot deep which will allow us to have a basement in the new building – great for storage!

Meanwhile at the back of the hall, the outside wall has been removed and the next stage is to put in the foundations for the extension. This was due to happen next week but Willmott Dixon are keen to minimise noise during SATs week.

This morning we had a fire drill to ensure there are safe routes out of the building and all emergency exits are clear. Willmott Dixon had a fire drill at the same time and all areas of the school were cleared in 2 minutes with all registers taken in just over 3 minutes. The children were all very sensible and we are reassured by how well it went.

The health and safety of all members of the school community is paramount to Willmott Dixon at all times and I am very grateful to Jack Wells, the site manager, who discusses all aspects of the work with me.