Week 4 in Year 2

Wow this has been a busy week in Year 2! We have finally managed to complete all letters in our joined up handwriting books and we have even practised some tricky joins! We haven’t given the usual homework sheet today so the children can spend a bit of time just working on their joins. As you can see in these photos, it takes a lot of concentration to have neat writing!

We were also very lucky to get some visitors in science. We have been learning about human development and growth and got the chance to see similarities and differences between a baby and a toddler. The children prepared very sensible questions to ask the mothers and then recorded their answers. The children loved this and learnt a lot about how a baby’s needs change as they get older.

In Maths the children have been using bar modelling to solve addition problems and some very difficult fraction work. They have done very well with this and it will support them in a lot of their work. Here are a few photos of the children working hard through their bar models.

In RE the children made their own stained glass windows and also made a lot of mess!

We also had some amazing show and tells this week, with children bringing in some interesting items. We learnt how to take a fan apart and then how to put it back together, as well as learning about how oil moves through water. What a knowledgeable bunch we have in Year 2! All of us were keen to learn how to knit and have a go ourselves, with some very large needles!

Next week we look forward to using our joined up writing in our books.