Weekly update from Oak class

What's been happening in Oak class this week? Read on and find out.   

Continuing our work on houses, on Monday we read and enjoyed ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ by Julia Donaldson. In our afternoon lesson we started to make our clay houses using the drawing prepared over the half term holiday. A piece of sewing to make the centre of our Mother’s Day card was a challenge for many. Good practise for our use of ordinal numbers counting up how many visits were made to have needles rethreaded!

Tuesday was ‘Pancake Day’ or ‘Shrove Tuesday’. This was an opportunity to read ‘The runaway Pancake’ and make pancakes. In the afternoon we had our own class pancake races where Jupiter was the overall winner. Neptune was Second, Saturn third and Mars fourth.

   On Wednesday the children read a non-fiction book about houses and wrote about their own house. In the afternoon they continued their work on magnets. Most children could remember lots about their lesson last week and they investigated all the magnetic toys and made some fishing games to help children to learn their words, diagraphs and numbers.

    Thursday was World Book day and what an amazing variety of characters we had. The children drew a ‘selfie’ and their book cover on a banner. They talked about the character they were dressed up as and many stories were read and enjoyed throughout the day.

    Our maths this week has been money. They added up 1p, 2p 5p and 10p coins and got out the coins to pay for items up to 20p. See if your child can add up a few 1pand 2p coins. Then add in a couple of 5p coins. The following games were played https://www.topmarks.co.uk/money/coins-game and https://www.topmarks.co.uk/money/toy-shop-money

    Friday was our visit to Letchworth library and this was a great opportunity to look at the wonderful range of reading materials available to borrow and it’s free.  Everyone needs to be using this wonderful resource and application forms and information have been sent home for you to read. The afternoon saw us catching up with missed play and spelling tests and an assembly to introduce everyone to ‘Science week’ which starts on Monday. What will Oak class learn next week? Read next week’s blog to see!