Welcome Back!

Welcome back! Hasn’t it been lovely to see some sunshine at the end of the holiday at least! Hopefully the weather will continue to warm up and we will be able to enjoy a summer term full of all our usual outside activities!

You may have seen that we have had some playground equipment installed over the Easter break. The pupils have been told to use it carefully and responsibly. There is a rota so that there should not be too many pupils on the apparatus at any one time. We hope that all the pupils will enjoy using it and thank the SPA for funding this project.

As always at this time of year, as part of our self-evaluation, we will be conducting our online parental survey through NFER. We will be sending home details of this soon. Please look out for the letters and I would urge you all to participate. It is important to us to know your views. All returns are completely anonymous and NFER will analyse the data and send us a written report.

Once again we are collecting tokens through the various schemes – the Tesco and Sainsbury’s vouchers provide us with a whole host of new materials we would not otherwise be able to buy. Please accept any tokens for schools you are offered, we are bound to make use of them!

We are delighted that once again our lacrosse team have reached the National Finals for the tenth year in succession. Last year we were able to provide personalised hoodies and polo shirts thanks to local sponsorship. If you or your company would consider sponsorship in any way we would be extremely grateful. Please contact me or Mr Mills to discuss this. We also have the Girls’ Football Team playing in the Finals of the Wix Cup on Wednesday 24th April 2013 at St Albans. This is a great achievement and we wish them well.

The weather forecast is looking good for Saturday when we are having the swingboats and roundabouts checked. We still need a bit more muscle so if anyone is free to help out on Saturday we can offer plenty of tea and coffee and bacon sandwiches!

Please avoid any absences during term time, especially as we have so many public holidays at this time of year.

Please keep the fete date – 15th June 2013 – firmly fixed in your mind and watch out for the letters coming out asking for different items. This is our main fund raising event for the year and we do rely very heavily upon parental involvement. Speak to any member of the SPA if you would like to offer your services! However, before that on this coming Saturday – 27th April, we are participating in the Joint Schools Summer Fete. Please come along and support the fete, held on Hitchin Town Market Place. We are running the bowling alley so come and have a go! It is open from 10.00am – 2.00pm.

I look forward to welcoming you into school at one of the many events planned for the summer term and don’t hesitate to come in and see us if you have any concerns.

Mary Driver