Welcome back and Happy New Year!

2019 looks to be a very busy year for us in school. There are lots of exciting trips and visits being planned as well as some different events in school. Below this newsletter is a list of known dates so far for this term. Please keep it handy.

We endeavour not to change dates once they have been set, but there are times when this is unavoidable, however we will try to give as much notice as possible. I have also reminded you of the first two terms’ dates for the next school year – 2019 – 2020 to assist you in planning holidays. Please remember we are asked to discourage all absences.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us this term but in the event of severe weather we will use Twitter and the school website to post the news of a school closure. Please keep an eye on these.

Please remember if you have any concerns about your child at school, do not hesitate to come in to see me. 

Miss Ayliffe
A message from Miss Ayliffe – she would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the collection for her leaving gift. She has now moved into her house in Derbyshire and wishes everyone well for 2019.

Mrs Wheat and Mrs Hall are excited to be working alongside me as Assistant Heads for the next 2 terms and would like to get to know as many parents as possible. We will all try to be out in the playgrounds and the lanes as much as possible so please come along and say hello. 

Sickness or diarrhoea
Please remember if your child has been away from school with sickness or diarrhoea, they should stay away for at least 48 hours. This helps to protect us all!  If you would like further information see: nhs.uk/Livewell/Yourchildatschool/Pages/Illness.aspx

I look forward to seeing you in school in the very near future.

Yours sincerely
Mary Driver