Welcome Back Booklet for Year One

June 1st is fast approaching and, for some, this will mean the phased return of your child back into school. If you have chosen for your child to return to school, you will now be aware of the colour of their pod and the days and times your child will be returning.

To support you with your child’s transition back to school, we have devised a Welcome Back Booklet that we recommend you read through with your child. We hope that this booklet will help them become ready for their return next week and give them a little insight into how things will be different to what they have experienced before. We know that it may take some children a while to settle into this new normal and this is totally understandable. Your children have been amazing with how resilient they have been in this unsettled time so far and we are all excited to see them return soon.

I hope that you all have a wonderful remainder of half term and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Mrs Victoria Wheat (Assistant Headteacher)