Welcome back to the summer term and Spring is here at last!

The reception children started the summer term on Tuesday full of stories of what they had done in the Easter holidays!

Lunch time was an opportunity to try out the new play apparatus and go on the field for the first time.

We have started our work on life cycles and living things. The frogspawn is in the tank in the classroom. No brave tadpole has ventured out yet! We have read some non-fiction books and e-books about their development and completed a frog life cycle on the computer in our Ict lesson. Look at these websites to find out more about frogs: www.usborne-quicklinks.com and type in the key words ‘frogs’. Then click on the link for the website you want to visit.

In literacy the children have been given a ‘helping hand’ to have on their desk to remind them what to do when writing their sentences. They have got one in their book bag to keep at home and have out next to them as they write.

In art and technology the children all made a clay frog. They will be using their frog and writing a story about it next week.

Well done children for your lovely dragon pictures for Show and Tell. We are going to make them into a scrapbook for everyone to look at. Don’t forget that the ‘tell’ part is more important than the ‘show’ so do think about what you are going to say. Finding out about butterflies for next Friday! Who is going to find a fact that nobody else has thought of?

Don’t forget to get your entry in on Monday for the Orbit competition. Your photo should be about Easter such as new life that comes in spring. This is an ideal opportunity to let your child practise the camera skills that they have learnt in class and try and win a prize. A house point for all children who enter!