Welcome to our younger reception children

The older children have done their first full week, nearly everyone coming into school all by themselves and settling to play.

The younger children have made a great start, getting used to the daily routines and coping with dinners in a busy dining room. They have experienced all types of indoor and outdoor learning both child initiated and teacher led. The children have been practising the basic skills of counting, number recognition, writing and listening to stories. The youngest children did PE today, so lots of encouragement for them to become more independent with undressing and managing their own clothes. Buttons will become easier after a few washes so keep them trying!

The children who stayed all day have enjoyed learning about harvest, making wheat and recreating their own version of Van Gogh’s ‘Wheatfield with Crows.’ This group of children have their logging on ‘password’ to practise over the weekend ready for future lessons on the school computers. The younger group will have their turn in the computer suite on Monday

The children have learnt the sounds s,a,t and i using the Jolly Phonics songs and actions. The 'sound table' has been well supported by most pupils and next week the children  will have some words in their word box to practise reading by blending their sounds.

With daily activities to promote and practise gross and fine motor skills all children are working hard to perfect the skill of writing their name with the emphasis on correct letter formation. It is essential that every child learns to write their name as soon as possible and this is an extra homework practice for those who have not yet mastered this target or who are making incorrect letters. Please spend some time to support your child with their writing of the letter sounds we have done this week and drawing a picture for each letter. Everyone will soon be reaping the benefits of us all working together to support their learning.

‘Show and Tell’ on Tuesday is talking about their scrapbook and sharing the wonderful work that so many of the children did over the holiday.

Please remember that on Monday, parents will not be able to come in with their children. It is too crowded and the children will soon learn to become independent at sorting themselves out and settling to early morning play. The children whose parents have opted for a whole day can be met at the reception fenced area at 3.20.

Have an enjoyable weekend and we look forward to hearing about the adventures of Bertie, Bessie bear and Winnie the Pooh on Monday.