Welcome to the first group of reception children

Well done to the eighteen children who have completed a week of mornings only and lunch. On Thursday the children all received an 'Achiever' sticker for being so fantastic in their first week at school. They have settled really well and have tried everything that they have been asked to do with happy smiles!

As you can see the children have been very busy, going on a listening walk, sorting, shape and pattern activities, counting, writing, painting, smoothie making and playing to name but a few .

All children managed to change for PE and had a lesson where they impressed us with their ability to dress and undress, movement skills and ability to follow instructions. The shirt and blouse buttons will get easier so keep practising!

Next week phonic lessons start and a sound table for your child to bring in a picture or object to match the sound they have been learning. We will also be looking at some 'tricky' reading vocabulary and they will need to try to learn the words and sounds as part of their homework.

Just to remind parents of children who started this week that their children really need to come in by themselves from Monday onwards. The younger children will be brought in by their parents and it gets very congested in the reception area. Mrs. Wagstaffe and Mrs Butler will be on hand to help the children with their coats, books and badges. Also don't forget a water bottle if your child is staying at school all day next week.

Bertie and Bessie our class bears and Pooh Bear, our ‘keeping fit’ bear have gone home this weekend. We look forward to seeing some photographs and writing about what the bears have been doing with Orin, Anna and  Caden.

We hope that you enjoy looking at a few photographs of what your children have been doing in school this week and look forward to welcoming the remainder of our reception children next week.

Have a great weekend.