What a wonderful Half Term!

We have had a wonderful half term in school. It’s been different this year but we have adapted lots of the great activities we normally have. We have selected a range of photos for you to enjoy from the event detailed below.

Our first event of the year was our Festival of Languages. We couldn’t have our amazing parent volunteers but each class still managed to travel to another part of the world from their classroom. Fiji, Germany, France and Spain were some of the wonderful ‘holidays’ they had. Some lucky children even managed to taste some of the local delicacies!

Harvest Festival involved an absolutely huge pumpkin, a super assembly by Mrs Driver which each class watched in their classroom and the most generous donations of foodstuffs that the Local Food Bank had ever seen!

Black History Month was launched by Mrs Driver with an assembly about Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist who was born into slavery. This amazing woman escaped to freedom and then made 13 missions to rescue approximately 60 enslaved people, including family and friends. She then went on to serve as a scout and spy for the Union Army in the American Civil War. Throughout school, we are listening to stories and poetry, exploring art and music by famous Black artists, watching films, and celebrating the achievements of black people (not just in Britain) but around the world. It’s been a great way to teach children about how modern Britain and the world has been shaped by black culture.

Hats for Lyra Day was a huge success. There was a huge range of hats on display from Santa hats, hats for witches, sports caps, woolly hats, paper hats, wedding fascinators, cowboy hats and more. One of our governors even managed to get his whole team to wear their hats on a construction site! We all had great fun and, with your generosity, a cheque for £816 has been sent off to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thank you everyone.

This half term also marked a 20 year Long Service Award for Mrs Mackilligan which was presented to her by Mrs Driver and the Senior Leadership Team. Twenty years! How can this be? Mrs Mackilligan is only 25!

A fantastic half term and now we have Christmas to get ready for …