What an exciting week in 5/6W

This week has been quite eventful, once again, for Class 5/6W.

First of all we had an exciting trip to Cadbury’s World in Birmingham. On Tuesday we had to be at school for 7:00am to gain an early tour. It took a long time to get to Cadbury’s World and we were all tired already.

We started our tour in a jungle where we met a pirate. He told us about cocoa beans and his precious ship. We then saw a video about how the family-run business started. Then we got to taste some melted chocolate with sweets in it. After that we saw another video called bean to bar followed by an extremely slow ride through the ‘Cadabra’ land. We got to eat our lunch after that.

Finally we had a talk about everything we had learnt in some extra detail with a Cadbury worker and after that we spent all our money on chocolate. Then it was time to go home. Overall it was a fun and educational trip and I would give it a 10/10!

On Wednesday we had our cake sale for Children in Need We then paid our money and got some cakes made by parents of the school children. They were all really tasty! We are very grateful to all of the people that gave us cakes.

On Thursday we had an assembly as normal but with a special guest… Pudsey Bear!

Today we had our non-uniform day. Everyone could come in with the clothes of their choice if they brought 50p.

The week has been another good one again which everyone in 5/6W enjoyed!

by Joseph

This week has been another enjoyable week in 5/6W. On Tuesday the two 5/6 classes woke up to an early start. They all had to be at school for 7am as they were going to Cadburys World. It was a long trip on the coach as Cadburys World is in Birmingham.

When we got there we went into a cave part and met a pirate who told us a bit about him!

Then we followed the path through Cadburys World including; two videos, having some melted chocolate with a choice of sweets, a ride and in the afternoon we had a talk about the origin of chocolate. It was very educational. We also got to go to the shop and we took a long time in there! It was a very fun day and everyone learnt lots!

The following day we had a cake sale for Children In Need. It was 50p for two cakes. The school council were given out stickers to everyone. Lots of people had bought in cakes and biscuits. All of them looked so nice!

On Thursday we had a visit from Pudsey the bear! Pudsey listened to what our achievers had done. It was very exciting!

On Friday we had a non-uniform day. All the pupils were very excited about this fundraising event.

We also found out who had won the Crafty Cone Competition. Well done to all our winners but most of all well done to everyone who took part!

I had a great week and who knows what next week will bring!

By Molly