What an exciting week in Class 5/6W

On Monday the 24th of February people from Hitchin Girls School came and taught classes 5/6W and 5/6A P.E. Two people taught Group 1 a ‘Super Hero’ dance inside and a couple of people taught the other groups rounders and other sports outside. The Super Hero dance that was taught inside was great fun. We got to jump high and we got to run into walls. Next we got into pairs and we had to write our first two letters in our name on a sheet of paper. On the sheet of paper there were letters and there were instructions for each letter. Next we had to work together to make a dance up. It was really good fun

On Wednesday the 26th of February David Hockney a famous artist came in and taught us all about his life and his private life and how he grew up. He told us how he got to became an artist and how many paintings he had sold when he was young. After the assembly Key Stage 1 all had to come back down in the hall. Then he taught all the children how to draw trees, rivers, and fields that were close up and far away. He also showed us how to make our pictures look 3d. They all got to have a quick sketch of the different drawings in the style of David Hockney. After break he showed us how to paint it. We only had bright colours because that was the colours that he used. Next they had to go back to their own classroom and do a big picture, because the artist didn’t like small, but he loved Big. They had to sketch out their picture that they were going to draw but they had to fill the entire page, with their drawing. After that they got out their paints and started painting using some tactics that David Hockney used. While they were doing their picture David Hockney wondered around to have a look at everyone’s pictures and to give them some advice if they looked like they needed it and on how to improve it. He also corrected some if he thought they were too small. They all were pleased with the work they did and they had a really fun day working in the style of Hockney.

By Halcyon

On Monday the 24th of February Hitchin girl’s school leaders came in to teach 5/6W and 5/6A either cricket, rounders, netball and dance in P.E. Two girls each from Hitchin Girls’ school taught a sport. In rounders we were taught how to use the right style of batting. We got into threes and practised. We had a fielder, a batter and a backstop. After that we got into teams and played a game. We all tried to interpret the skills we learnt earlier. Lots of us used it correctly.

On Thursday 27th of February Claude Oscar Monet who was born in 1840 and died in 1926, a famous French artist, came into school to teach key stage 2 about his style of drawing and painting. In the morning Claude Monet told the school about him and how he became an artist. In the morning he taught key stage 2 how to draw trees, hills, rivers in his style. He also showed us how to make it look 3D and make our pictures look like the hills were in the distance. He taught us how to make fisherman quickly without any detail. Later that day he painted a picture to show us how Monet painted it.He painted it by painting light in the distance and when it gets closer it is darker so it looks real. When he did the trees he made some darker and some brighter depending on the sun. He painted the river using the reflections of the colours around in the picture. After that we sketched out our pictures of landscape in the style of Monet. Next we got our paint out at started painting using Monet style. Monet was walking round our classes and giving advice on how to improve it and telling us our good parts which we had done in the style of Monet. We were all pleased with the art work we produced and enjoyed our day with Monet.

By Jamie