What more art?

With a second visit from an artist, Monet this time, who could resist trying out some more techniques to produce our own works of art!Whilst half of the class finished their Hockney pictures the rest of the children made their impression of the lily pond with torn tissue paper. These were later put together to make our version of ‘The Water Lily Pond’. The quick workers also tried to make their own chalk drawings of this picture, a very messy enterprise. You can see these on open morning.

With tomorrow being St. David’s Day the children made their welsh flags and clay daffodils. These will be painted and shown to you next week.

Yes we have done some other work! Taking away using our number line to count back, they learnt all about their wonderful bodies in their Understanding the World session(science lesson)some wonderful news writing on Monday and learning yet more diagraphs, so please practise them.

Next week for Show and tell the children are bringing in their favourite fiction or non-fiction book. They must be able to say why it is their favourite.

Don’t forget, no dressing up on Thursday as we are visiting the firestation. Let’s hope it is a sunny day. We will be going whatever the weather so please dress appropriately.

Have a good weekend.