Wheelchair Basketball

On Friday 10th May, many of the classes got try some of the sports that were included in the Paralympics in 2012. The pupils from the two 5/6 classes got to experience Wheelchair Basketball.

It was great fun and it enabled the pupils to see just how much strength, effort and skill is required to take part. They athletes who did so well in London 2012 deserve a lot of credit!

The afternoon started with a chance to practise manoeuvring the chairs, including stopping and turning. Then the ball was introduced! The pupils learned that they needed to bounce or pass the ball after they had ‘pushed’ the chair twice. This got some getting used to, but eventually some of the pupils were able to bounce on the move.

After the practice, with several balls, it was time for the match to start. Four on four with one ball. Reds v Blues! It was very exciting to watch, and the pupils assured me that it was even better to play in.

As well as the basketball, the pupils also got to have a go at handball. The coaches from the School Sports Partnership that led the afternoon were looking for pupils to show the Paralympic values during the afternoon, and from I saw, they all did!