Where have all the tadpoles gone?

This week the children returned after the Easter holidays and we started our work on life cycles and living things. Unfortunately we have had no tadpoles to study this year which is the first year ever. Please if you are reading this and have a pond full of these ‘delightful creatures’ we would welcome a few to observe!

We looked at these websites to find out more about frogs:


In our Big Write lesson this week we wrote a story about the frogs in the video clip on: https://www.feeln.com/films/thelittlefrog

The children only saw the first couple of minutes and then had to write their story. We watched the whole clip at the end of the lesson after we had shared our stories.

A small group of children did some supported writing using an unusual picture of a frog as a stimulus.

In art and technology the children all made a clay frog and they learnt how to draw a basic frog by using the hints in ‘I can draw animals’ published by Usborne.

In phonics we revised sh, ch and th, both reading and spelling words. ‘th’ continues to confuse some children who get mixed up between ‘th’ and ‘f’. Please practise listening for these sounds.

In PE we started our series of tennis lessons. Developing hand-eye coordination is fundamental for this sport. Practise rolling a ball along the ground to your child. Can they move in line with the ball and trap it on the floor with their hands or with the tennis racket. Can they roll a ball back to you rather than just pushing it? We are learning to hold the tennis racket and balance a ball on the face of the racket and take it for a walk. Hit the ball along the ground and move towards the ball. Why don’t you get out into the fresh air and try some of these activities at the weekend?

Mrs Wagstaffe started to teach the children a funny song in music today. You might want to listen to it!


For homework sentence writing for the weekend and next week, I have sent home some questions for the more fluent readers. Please encourage your child to use the wording of the question in their answer and to answer in full sentences.

Next week we are looking at the life cycle of a butterfly and spellings start next Friday, so please practise each evening.

Enjoy the weekend and make the most of any sunshine.