William Ransom 3 – 1 Samuel Lucas

On Tuesday 5th February, William Ransom A team played against Samuel Lucas. The team played well in the cold conditions. Also this was their first netball match for the term and they started with a win.

Olivia was keen to get the ball rolling and had excellent possession of the ball. She scored a goal for William Ransom in the first quarter. Libby ensured that the ball stayed within the shooting area and stuck to her player like glue. Melissa got the ball smoothly into the shooting area many times and this assisted Rosie with scoring another 2 goals in the second quarter. Jessica was very good as our defence and Alex also began to join in with the action and skilfully deflected the ball away from the opponents. Ella showed good spirits and kept the team going through their quarters.

Thank you to Rebecca for freezing with us and getting the team ready for the match; you played a crucial part. Also thank you to our regular parent supporters, luckily we escaped the snow today.

Miss Khela