William Ransom Annual Pancake Race

Shrove Tuesday comes round more quickly every year. With this year, it being just after half term, the house captains had plenty of time to pick their teams!

Mrs Hall was in charge of providing the pancakes and she was determined that her pancakes were not going to fall apart during the course of the race!

Each house had eight runners, a girl and a boy from each Key Stage 2 class, wearing the appropriate coloured bib! The whole school came out to watch and enjoy the competition.

The year 3 girls lined up at the start and they were off. All the runners had to toss their pancakes 4 times, once at each corner!

It was a hard fought race with Mars emerging as the winners!

We were also delighted that Mrs Hall had made the most resilient pancakes ever which were all still whole at the end of the race!

Congratulations to everyone who took part!