William Ransom V Mary Exton

On Wednesday 5th March a netball match commenced with William Ransom playing Mary Exton. It was the day of Lion King Trip and many Year 6 pupils were out on their trip. It was a chance for the B Team players to play for the A Team

A team

When the game started the A team were doing very well. Georgia and Ema worked well together in defence and Oryana did a really good job playing centre. Halcyon and Catherine teamed up and with a series of passes between the two Hal scored a goal. We interviewed Catherine who played on the A team to hear what she had to say about the match.” Overall the A team did really well”.

In the end the score was 2-0 to William Ransom.

B team

The B Team started off well but Mary Exton really wanted to win this time! The ball fell into Mary Exton’s hands. They quickly scored two goals in the 1st half and another two in the 2nd half. However in the 2nd half things began to brighten up for the B team by gaining possession of the ball. Unfortunately they didn’t have the chance to score a goal. We asked Maiya what she thought and she said,” We did really well even though we didn’t win!”

In the end the score was 0-4 to Mary Exton.

By Amelia and Ilyssa