William Ransom V Purwell

A Team Netball

On the 12th of March, the school netball teams went out to Purwell School to play in an exciting game of netball. Thankfully, it was a lovely sunny day, meaning we could play for nine minutes per half. The game was quick and the players made sure to make a challenge between the two teams.

The first half started off well with William Ransom in the lead by six points to one. Lauren D (our captain) scored an amazing 4 goals and Maddie scored the other 2 from the outskirts of the D! The team carried on working to secure the lead. The Purwell team had some tough players, although they couldn’t get pass our defence.

The players got ready for the second half. It was all up to us to make sure we won. We now had Annabel and Rebecca as our scorers. They both scored one goal fantastic goal each. The Purwell side then went in to score a goal making the scores 8- 2 to William Ransom securing our victory. After shaking hands with the opposition we then went off to get a well-earned drink.

B Team

On Wednesday 12th March the B-team also had a match with Purwell School. The A-team had already played their match and had won, so the pressure was on and the expectations were very high. However within the first minute Rhea had successfully scored a goal therefore making it 1-0 to William Ransom. But Purwell really wanted to win this match and after one minute they had scored a goal, equalising the scores. The team’s defenders played very well and managed to intercept the ball several times making it extremely hard for them to score a goal.

The final score was 5-2 to William Ransom.

By Lauren D and Maddie W