William Ransom V Samuel Lucas

A Team

William Ransom played took part in a netball match against Samuel Lucas on Tuesday 4th March. The game kicked off quickly and both schools worked well in the first half. There were plenty of opportunities to shoot, where both schools scored equally to begin with. William Ransom began to play more confidently and managed to score seven goals and Samuel Lucas scored four goals. Lauren D, Annabel, Maddie and Rebecca have clearly been practising their shooting!

It was a very exciting match and both schools played extremely well.

Today was a fantastic start to the netball season. Well done to Ellen, Annabel, Lauren D, Rachel, Zoe, Rebecca and Maddie for their team effot!

In the end the score was 7-4 to William Ransom.

B Team

The B Team who had been watching and supporting the A Team, started the game with a bang! They had clear possession of the ball and managed to score goal after goal. Rhea was a great asset to the team and didn’t miss a shot! Emma’s height came in handy to assist Rhea with the shooting.

The B Team impressed with their final score of six goals. Therefore it was a 6-1 win to William Ransom.

Well done to Halcyon, Katie, Rhea, Molly, Chloe, Lauren P and Emma.

Netball Report by Miss Khela