William Ransom win Districk Round of Asda Kwik Cricket

The District round of the Asda Kwik cricket was played yesterday at Letchworth Cricket Club. With our year six children away in Wales a very young team of three year fives, five year fours and a year three went out to represent the school.

William Ransom played St.Marys in the first of the group games. Winning the toss and fielding first gave William Ransom a chance to know how many they would need to win. Due to excellent bowling and fielding five wickets were taken and very few runs given away. St. Marys score at the end of their innings was 200. William Ransom made a cautious start to their batting, but helped by a number of wides and a couple of fours by Leighton, won with a score of 243.

Our second game was a friendly against Sandon as Grange had not turned up. William Ransom beat the quite inexperienced team by 243 to their 133.

The third and last game in the group was against St. Andrew’s 2. Losing the toss and having to bat first was a new experience for William Ransom but the 301 scored saw some excellent batting by Tyler, Oliver and Leighton with the loss of only one wicket. Due to a loss of twelve wickets and few runs, the final score for St Andrew’s was only 155 and William Ransom was through to the semi-finals.

Our opponents were to be Mary Exton a formidable looking group of mainly year sixes. William Ransom won the toss and chose to field. After the first two pairs the runs were mounting up. Then Jamie and Pushan came into bowl and took three wickets which caused a drop in confidence by Mary Exton who ended their innings on only 223.

William Ransom came into bat. With the loss of a wicket on the second ball and a further two from the third and fourth bowlers the adults began to think that all was lost! However Pushan was ‘on fire’ and scored sixteen and with care from the last pair adding to the total without loss, William Ransom won by two runs: 225-223.

The final and nobody could believe it! St Nicholas looked a fine team who had played together all last year and won each game in their group convincingly. Winning the toss again William Ransom fielded and kept St. Nicholas to a modest 216 with a loss of seven wickets. Runs came slowly as the first two pairs came in to bat but without the loss of any wickets. Pushan and Jamie came in as the third pair and increased the score to 221, the last pair only needed to defend, however that was never in Leighton’s nature! He hit 22 with the loss of only one wicket giving William Ransom victory with a score of 241.

The county final is on Thursday 27th June at Hatfield University. With a couple of the year sixes back to further strengthen the team, we all wish them luck in the next round.