William Ransom win the District Round of the annual Kwik Cricket Tournament

The District round of the annual Kwik Cricket tournament was played today at Letchworth Cricket Club. The team consisted of 2 year 6’s, 6 year 5’s, a year 3 and a year 4 child. They were Leighton, Charlie, Oliver, Ben, Tyler, Edward, Namay, Jamie, Rory and Pushan.

William Ransom played Whitehill 2 as their first game. The bowling was exceptional with Ben and Jamie opening, Ben gave away 1 run and took a wicket and Jamie took 2 wickets for 0. The bowling continued to be strong with Charlie taking a wicket for 3, Oliver a wicket for 5, Namay only giving away 2 runs, Tyler 1 and Leighton 1 wicket for 3 runs giving Whitehill 2 a score of 199. The batting was also fantastic with Tyler and Namay gaining 36 runs, Charlie and Jamie 25, and Leighton and Oliver 53. Combined with the score of the other pair William Ransom won the game with 310 runs and 2 wickets lost.

The second game against Pixmore 1 saw William Ransom fielding first with a great opening pair bowling, Ben took a wicket for 0 runs and Jamie gave away 1 run. Charlie bowled a maiden over and Namay took 3 wickets in his over. However there were some 4’s and 6’s scored by Pixmore so the total to beat was 236. William Ransom made a slow start and by half way the scores were about equal but the last two pairs scored well to give William Ransom a final score 252 and a second win.

The third game without a break was against Wilshere Dacre. William Ransom batted first and scored 314 with Rory in his first game for the school scoring 21 and Pushan 17. At the end of their innings William Ransom had a score of 314. The bowlers once again were on great form and left the quite inexperienced mixed Wilshere Dacre team with a final score of 183.

With a game off and then lunch we were a little afraid that the boys would lose form, but despite lots of eating St. Nicholas only managed to score 196 and lost 9 wickets. Once again quite a slow start to the batting as the Pixmore bowlers were very good but William Ransom won the game with 281 for 3.

As winners of the group William Ransom faced a strong side from Weston. Having to bat first was not ideal but no wickets were lost for 260. The boys bowled well once again but the scores were even after three pairs. Leighton and Oliver performed brilliantly and the final score for Weston was 234, a win for William Ransom and into the finals to meet St. Nicholas once again.

William Ransom bowled first, a few 6’s were given away and only 1 wicket taken, the final score was 242 for St. Nicholas, a much better score than their previous game. Tyler made an encouraging start to the batting with a 6 but with 2 wickets against them we were a point behind after the first pair. The second pair of Charlie and Jamie increased the score significantly and by the end William Ransom had accumulated a score of 267 and the final was won.

Well done boys the same team as last year with the addition of Rory as a new player. A really great day of cricket cheered on by a huge crowd of William Ransom parents and a few grandparents who also came to watch. The next round is at the North Herts games at Wodson Park on Thursday 26th June.