William Ransom won the first heat of the Sportshall Athletics

On Tuesday 21st January the indoor athletic team participated in the first heat of the North Herts Sport Partnership Sports Hall Athletics Competition. The heat was held at Fearnhill School in Letchworth.

The girls started with field events as everyone watched the boys compete in their track events. Despite a boys’ team that had to be changed numerous times due to the ill health of three boys, the remaining boys and additional two who were drafted in to boost numbers did really well. Tyler was amazing as he dived through the tunnel in the ‘Over and Under’ race and everyone managed to hit the kick board low to avoid wasting time in the turn as they ran down the gym and turned to complete another lap.

As the boys left to complete their field events, the girls returned and put on a magnificent display of running. Once again Maddie made up so much time on other runners closing the gap and overtaking with her great turn at the kick-board. Catherine who is still only a year 5, ran an amazing 6 lap paarlauf with Bluebell and the girls were really fast through the obstacle course.

At these events it is quite hard to assess how the children are doing as the field events are performed and judged whilst the track events are on. When it came to the final scores nobody knew who had won. We knew that Pixmore had some really quick boy runners, but we all waited with excitement as the scores were read out, knowing that the top two schools would go through to the next round. The final scores were 5th Wilbury with 170, fourth Purwell with 170.5. 3rd St Nicholas with 178, 2nd Pixmore with 215.5 and 1st William Ransom with 226.

William Ransom goes forward into the next round with Pixmore and will compete on 26th February at Knights Templar School. We will know which schools we will be facing once the results of the Priory and Hitchin Boys’ School rounds have been completed next week.