Willow Class in the Lab

On Wednesday 14th November Willow Class spent the morning taking part in a science workshop at PHC.   

We were met by the science teacher at PHC and the children were promptly kitted out with lab coats and given safety googles;  they certainly all looked the part!  We then spent the morning in one of the science classrooms.  The focus for our workshop was 'Forces' and, over the course of the morning, the children fully explored this aspect of science.

They carried out experiments, predicted results and then tested their predictions.  They discussed and hypothosised and impressed the science teacher at PHC with their science knowledge and also their ability to convert grams to Newtons (so a bit of maths too!).

Everyone threw themselves into the learning and asked lots interesting questions; I was very proud of them all.

Thank you to the Science Dept at PHC for another successful workshop!