Willow Class – Suggested English Tasks for w.c 30.3.20


  • This week’s spellings can be found below together with some spelling activities. 
  • Spelling group – please learn the six words in red (challenge: learn all ten spellings). 


Have a go at the game below:

Choose a verb (eg eating) and then an adverb (to describe the verb- eg quickly).  Act out the verb and the adverb by miming ‘eating quickly’.  Ask an adult/sibling to guess what you are miming by identifying the verb and adverb.  We have played this in class and it can be extremely funny! 


As per Cherry and Chestnut classes I have allocated Fiction Express logins for Willow Class. Please email me at fwaite@wransom.herts.sch.uk if you would like a login to access the site. We use this resource in class so the children will be familiar with it. There is a wealth of books to choose from to read online and also accompanying activities to do.

  • Continue to read regularly and record your reading.
  • Suggested task: Write a new blurb for the book you are currently reading and make it sound as exciting as possible.


When completing any writing task (for English or any other subject) please always think about your English targets (found at the back of your exercise book) and try to remember what you need to work on every time you write. 

Open up the PowerPoint named ‘UFO Diary’.  I hope you enjoy reading this book. Look carefully at the illustrations as there is a lot going on; think about the inference behind the simple sentences/illustrations and put yourself in the shoes of the boy and then the alien – very different perspectives!

Use it as inspiration and choose one or both of the following tasks. Draw a picture/s to illustrate your story.

Task 1:

Plan and write a diary entry about landing on Earth for the first time                

Imagine that you are an alien who has come to Earth for the first time.  What might your diary entry say for that day?  What can you see/hear/smell/feel/taste?

  • Target:  Use adverbials of time/place/number to link your paragraphs (Paragraph and adverbial sheet uploaded for reference)

Task 2:

Plan and write a recount about spotting a UFO in Hitchin/your back garden (First person – me, my, I etc – and past tense)

Suggested paragraphs (Don’t forget to indent the first line of a new paragraph and no need to leave a line between paragraphs):

  1. Where/When – where were you when you saw the UFO?  What time of day/night was it?
  2. What? – What alerted you to the UFO?  Noise, light, tremors?
  3. Describe what you saw? Include lots of specific detail – size, shape, lights, sounds, what was it doing? Flying, hovering? 
  4. Ending – how long did you watch the UFO for?  How did it disappear? Did it disappear?

Give yourself time at end to edit your writing (checklist uploaded).  Read your writing out loud to spot any missing punctuation and words.