Willow Home Learning – Summer week 2

Please find below some suggested home learning tasks for w/c 27.4.20


Summer Week 2 spellings are common exception words (these are words in which the English Spelling code works in an unusual or uncommon way).

Spellings: accident, address, answer, business, calendar, century, disappear, enough, important, knowledge

Activity:  Find each word in a dictionary and write down the definition.  Can you put the words in to sentences?  Orally and/or written?


Continue to read regularly; perhaps a book from home or one from Fiction Express.  If you don’t already have a login for Fiction Express, email me at fwaite@wransom.herts.sch.uk and I will send you one.

Task: Have a go at the reading comprehension task attached below.  Choose your level (*, ** or *** – with *** being the most difficult) and then check your answers afterwards.  How accurate/specific have you been?  No need to print as you can read the text online and jot down your answers in your exercise book.


What would your dream tree house look like?  I quite like the look of this one!  Have a go at designing your own tree house (draw it first) and then write a short paragraph to explain your design choices (think ‘why?’).

Will it be in the mountains or close to the beach?  How will you get in and out of it?  What rooms will you have?  What fun things will you have on or in your tree house?  The possibilities are endless! 


Please continue with Whiterose, Summer Term Week 2 either year 4 or year 5.


There are 4 lessons for the week. A short video clip and a worksheet (and answers) which should be able to be completed independently. There is some work on money. To make it more ‘real’ children could add up coins you have in the house. Look at the value of shopping online and add it up. Have a budget for a party and add/subtract accordingly. Or set up a tuck shop and undergo transactions. There is an interesting my maths called (put in search box) Best Buys and Value for Money which is important to learn about when we are finally allowed back into the shops!

Follow up work is from TYM on the following pages:

TYM5 p 77 and 79

TYM4 p 76-77 and 79

Uploaded are the latest weekly 10 minute workouts too.


  • Research the Mexican flag. 
  • What does the design mean? 
  • Draw the flag and label each part.

Science – classification, groups and keys

Look at https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zn22pv4

Then read through and answer the uploaded sheets.

Make your own key. Perhaps choose three or four insects found on a bug hunt in the garden. Look at them closely and write a key eg. Does it have a shell? Does it have wings? Does it have 6 legs? Ask someone to work through your key to make sure its works. You could do this activity on post it notes.

DT – bread

Now you have found out which brands people eat, find out a little more about those brands. Make some notes. How many products do they make (you’ll be surprised at how many!). Are they family run businesses? Have they been around for a long time?




You could turn this into a factfile.

PHSE – Team work

Learn about the importance and benefits of working as a team. Believe or not, at home we are still a team. (In my house we are Team Burr!) It’s really important to think of others at this time to make life easier and enjoyable.


Music – Yumu

There is a pupil part of Charanga.com called Yumu. I think I have set up pupil accounts. If you would like a username and password, please e-mail Mrs Burr. Have a play and tell me what you think!