Willow Home Learning w.c 13.7.20

Well, here we are in our final week of home-learning. It has officially been the strangest term ever and one that we are in no hurry to repeat! We keep saying it, but we are incredibly proud of you all. You have coped so well during this extremely challenging time; your emails and pictures have certainly helped to keep a smile on our faces. Thank you!


Below, you will find quite a few English activities so that you have options for this final week of term and, perhaps, over the summer holiday. Don’t forget to keep reading too!

Activity booklets – (Year 5 save this for when you are in school)

Moving to Year 5 and Year 6 booklets

Reading comprehension

SPAG Mystery Game

Talk for Writing Booklet

Mathsyear 5s to complete some pages at school

Please could all TYM textbooks be returned to school.

If you are in school, take them to Willow class and put on the bookshelf by the door. If you are not coming into school, please leave in reception on the chairs. Thank you.

It’s the final week and if we were in school, we would work our way through a summer activity booklet. Below are the year 4 and 5 packs.

We’d also spend time tidying the classroom!  So perhaps you could tidy your bedrooms. Throw away those screwed up post-it notes under your bed, the empty pen that has rolled under the bookcase and that one lost sock which has ended up stuffed in a dusty lego creation!!

Mymaths Summer Booster Packs

In preparation for transitioning to year 5 and year 6, I have set everyone a maths booster pack to complete over the summer, which will consolidate your learning from the year. You can then complete additional lessons, if there are any areas which you find particularly tricky.

Science – International Date Line

Watch and read the following:



If you can print off this sheet and roll it into a tube. Stick it together where the blue 24hr column overlaps. Find the UK and see which other countries are in the same time zone.

Then answer these questions (you may need an atlas to help you):

  1. How many hours difference is there between Poland and India?
  2. It is 4am in Egypt. Name two countries where it is 4pm.
  3. If you fly from France to Brazil do you gain or lose hours?
  4. How many different time zones are there in the USA?
  5. How many hours behind Ireland is Mexico?
  6. How many hours ahead is New Zealand compared to India?
  7. It is 3pm in India what time is it in Japan?
  8. Name two countries in the same time zone as Sweden.

Art – Collage Art

Collage Art – Can you create an outline profile of yourself and fill the inside of it with collage art? Cut out images and words from magazines that represent you.  You might like to extend this idea to create a collage to represent this unique time of having to stay at home? How did it you feel during lockdown? What did you do? What new routines did you and your family have?

Symbolic Self-Portraits | Abstract art for kids, Collage art, Self ...


The final singing lesson from Oak National Academy is singing in a major and minor scale. (I love this teacher’s wallpaper!)


PHSE – Reflect

I think back to beginning of lockdown and feel guilty about how grumpy I was at times! Looking back, I’ve had some amazing quality time with my family. Can you express how you feel about the end of the school term in lockdown and write it as a Haiku (5-7-5).

It’s been a long term

Working at home and at school

But safe and happy!


It should have been the Wimbledon final this week. So, dust off your racket and get down to the local courts. Set up three cones (or jumpers!) around the court and try and hit them as target practice. How many shots can you do in a rally? Get close to the net and play – don’t let the ball touch the ground. How many shots now?

If the weather isn’t too good – look at these tips from Judy Murray on how she helped Jamie and Andy become superstars.