Willow Home Learning w/c 22 June

Hello Willow Class! We hope that you are all well and enjoying the activities that we are setting for you. Please keep emailing photos of your work to us as we love to hear from you and to see how you are getting on.

We also hope that the Yr5 Willow-ers are looking forward to returning to school on Wednesdays and Thursdays from next week. In school, you will be following the work set on the website. We have structured English (writing booklet) and Maths as daily lessons so that you will all be on the same task back at school.


Spelling: toothbrush, firefighter, rainbow, dustpan, postman, hairbrush, cloakroom, backpack, teapot, waterfall

Have a look at the spellings for this week.

What are they all? All these words are called compound nouns. Compound nouns are two or three whole words that join to make one e.g. tooth + brush = toothbrush

Task 1: Complete pages 16 – 22 of the spelling booklet (attached last week)

Task 2: Have a go at the Ppt quiz below:

Reading: You have a choice of either football or flamingos this week! Choose your level and remember to read the text carefully before answering each question. Answers provided at the end.

Writing: Below are two Talk4Writing booklets full of activities to help you improve your writing skills.

IMPORTANT: Year 5 returning to school – please do ‘Aliens’ on Monday/Tuesday and leave ‘Wizards’ for when in school on Wednesday/Thursday. Choose an activity from either booklet for Friday or perhaps do a reading comprehension instead.

Year 4 – You only need to choose ONE booklet to do (unless you like the look of both!).


Please can you all look at Year 5 WhiteRose Summer Week 8 as it has moved on to percentages and adding decimals. White Rose and supplementary worksheets attached.


Day 1 – Understand percentages

Mymaths – Y5 – Frac Dec Perc 1

Twinkl worksheet

Day 2 – Percentages as fractions and decimals

TYM5 p80

Day 3 – Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places

TYM5 p76

My maths – Year 5 – Adding decimals in columns intro

Day 4 – Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places

TYM5 p77

Day 5 – weekly workout and tables and WhiteRose/Bitesize maths challenge

Weekly workouts


You should be on sheet 5.

TYM answers

Science – The Moon

Watch https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/z3jd7ty

Run through the powerpoint and complete the sheet. There are three sheets – just print out one depending on how many clues you need.

Here is an alternative worksheet with information included.

Always good to watch the moon landing!


Look at the Moon map – below. If the night is clear enough (and you are allowed to stay up!) can you spot any of the Moon’s features.

Sift 2cm of flour into a baking tray. Drop marbles or rolled up foil of different sizes into the tray to form craters.



The Ancient Maya made elaborate masks. Have a look at the information on the Ppt below to help you to understand more about why the Maya made masks. Next, have a go at creating your own Maya mask. You don’t have to stick to green (to represent jade) – you can be as colourful and creative as you like! I’d love to see your final piece so please email a photo if you can.

PE – International Yoga Day

Why don’t you start your week with some yoga to celebrate International Yoga Day 2020? The website below will give you a bit more information.


Yoga is a fantastic exercise for helping to reduce worries and stress and at the same time you can stretch out your body and begin to strengthen your muscles (some of which you might not have realised that you have!). There are lots of yoga videos online but this is a good one to begin with.

Geography – The Lake District

The Lake District is an amazing place to visit; trails to walk, mountains to climb, lakes to canoe and paddle board on, gorge walking, rock climbing and so much wildlife to spot!

The BBC have created some home learning lessons to help you explore lots of different aspects of this amazing region of the UK. Perhaps, once we can all travel again, you might get a chance to explore it in person!



Have another look at the Tate Kids website – there is so much to explore! Find a medium that is of interest to you and see what you can learn/create.


Zentangles: Or…have a go at Zentangles if you fancy a bit of mindfulness drawing!


See attached for some ‘Moon’ crafts. There are plenty more on the internet!

Music – Venus

Gustav Holst’s the Planets


On a blank piece of paper write Mars and Venus in two circles.

Listen to Mars by Holst. Write some descriptive words about how the music makes you feel or musical words you can remember.

Listen to Venus by Holst.


What is different, what is the same? How does this make you feel? Would the planets be different to live on? Which would you prefer?

Can you hear crescendo? Is there an ostinato and pulse?

PHSE – Refugee Week

Refugee Week: imagine a kinder world

It’s Red Cross Refugee Week and they have developed some activities to help children and young people develop their empathy and understanding. Explore why refugees flee their home and what it is like to arrive somewhere new away from their family.  The powerpoint takes you through a journey to imagine, understand and empathise with the different challenges refugee and asylum seekers might have to cope with.

Run through the ppt and the watch the video links.

Also watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_1Rt1R4xbM

Creative activity: Make an empathy tree. Imagine that empathy is a seed. That seed can grow into a tree. It has roots and also branches. 

Draw this seed on a piece of paper. Underneath draw the roots. Write five kind things we can do to build empathy and understanding with others inside or underneath each root. Use the ppt to help.  Now draw the tree. Draw branches and leaves. On each leaf write a positive thing that can come from understanding people. Think about how it can be positive for you, for the other person, the community and the wider world.

Think about empathy, kindness and understanding. What did you learn? 



Below is activity pack 2 of the online safety course. Rewatch or discuss video 1 and fill in the sheet with 4 tips for setting up a profile.

Watch video 2: Be kind online. Fill in resources sheet 2 or list positive comments about Ellie, Sam and Alfie or discuss what happened to them, what they did, if they did the correct thing