Willow maths activities for week commencing 30th March

Please find below and attached the suggested maths activities for this week.  We are aware that some people don’t have access to printers and some children have limited access to PCs. With this is mind, we’ve uploaded the lessons and the worksheets and also provided suggestions of work from the textbooks.

Do not feel obliged to do all of the work!  They are suggestions only and if you are doing the sheets you do not need to do the textbooks as well.  I have only provided 4 lessons for the week as there is a weekly workout and Easter activities in your pack too.

Also uploaded are some ideas for outdoor maths. It is great to get outside in the fresh air and learn at the same time.

Finally, I know some of you like a challenge so I have uploaded some ‘Time Yourself Tests’ with answers. Can you beat an older sibling or parent??

Please e-mail or tweet work you are proud of, or other ideas for outdoor maths!  We are still awarding housepoints and looking for achievers.

Lesson 1&2 – dividing 2 digits by 1 digit

               TYM4 – p44 A&B (uploaded for those with TYM5)

Lesson 3 – dividing 3 digits by one digit

               TYM5 – p41 A and B 1-16

               TYM4 – p44C

Lesson 4 – x/÷ problems

               TYM5 – p41 b17-21 and C17-19

               TYM4 – p50 b17-20 and C17-20

All of the above can be supported with mymaths:

Number/multiplication and division/ y4 –

  • Multiply single digit
  • More multiplying
  • Short division
  • More correspondence problems

Keep up the great work and enthusiasm!