Winners of High 5 Festival

Our team gave an incredible performance at the High 5 Festival this week at Knights Templar School, winning our group and then going onto win in the final!

Our team consisted of a mix of children from both years 5 and 6. Despite the freezing conditions, our players ensure they remained focused both on and off the court. Isla, Bethia, Ela and Freddie worked hard to ensure their shots were accurate, something that initially proved difficult due to the post height being higher than what they were used to. 

Multiple group matches meant that each player got to show their attacking and defending skills, working hard to move the ball around the court. With only five players on court at a time passes needed to be sharp and long. Jorja, Abigail and Rory worked hard to ensure the ball was passed accurately into space between our team, working to get the ball quickly into the semi-circle to give us the chance of a goal. 

We worked well together as a team throughout the morning, resulting in us winning our group with five clear wins and a draw. This moved us into the semi-final. We remained focused and secured a win in this game as well.

We faced Whitehill in the final and entered this game with confidence. Whitehill took a quick lead with a goal being scored in the first play of the game. We quickly reclaimed possession and passed the ball accurately amongst ourselves, getting it into the semi-circle quickly. Unfortunately, the wind had picked up resulting in many near misses with the ball bouncing off of the rim of the net. This made us persevere even more and we ended the first half 2-1 up. After a quick rotation we entered the second half motivated to secure the win. Our attacking and defending skills were required throughout this second half as Whitehill showed strong attacking and intercepting skills. We defended well and managed to get the ball back down the court and into our semi-circle. The final goal was scored and we ended this game with a final score of 3-1. 

Every player worked extremely hard throughout the morning and contributed to a successful festival, well done everyone!