World Cup fever hits the reception class!

A very warm week has not been conducive to minibeast hunting but fabulous in most respects!

The reception children explored another two habitats on our bug hunting Monday. Firstly they looked at what lived in the trees. The children looked at the trunk of the trees and then held white sheets and shook the branches to see what fell from the tree. Spiders, ladybirds,ants, flies, beetles and aphids descended to be examined. The second habitat was the dark shady areas on our school field. The children found an assortment of slugs, snails, earwigs, ants, centipedes, millipedes, beetles and worms. The children recorded what they had found and carefully replaced them back into their natural habitat.

Our music lesson this week rounded off the minibeast topic with ‘The Minibeast Band’ and the children made instruments to accompany the song.

The World Cup has of course been a huge talking topic for this week and of course the weekends ‘Big Talk’ topic follows on from this. The reception children drew pictures from descriptions of suspects and made wanted posters, they also wrote some brilliant descriptions from photographs. We loved Marley’s description, part of which said, ‘He has a trendy hairstyle and has got sunglasses that are cool’. Milly really excelled at this and noticed things that the adults had totally missed. Part of her writing said ‘Her dress looks like a table cloth, she has a little tattoo on her arm. She has very pink lips and big eyes and pink hair.’

Our ‘Fun Writing Friday’ produced some interesting work when we looked at a cartoon picture of a little Brazilian boy standing with his shabby football looking at the glow of the stadium with the fireworks exploding in the night sky. Once again some lovely writing, some ‘Wow Words’ used and more children writing in proper sentences and using their phonics to help them to spell words that were not on their word grid.

Spellings this week were writing the lower case and its capital equivalent when told the letter sound. On the whole the children knew most of the letters, so well done. We will do it by only saying the letter name next week. The children need to remember that the capital letter is twice as big as the lower case when it is written.

As you can see the children have been looking after the garden this week. They have thinned out the turnips and a few other plants and have done lots of watering.

Next week we start our topic on space beginning with the moon and travel to the moon. The children will need to start collecting boxes etc to make a ‘junk’ model of a rocket. We will do this on Monday 23rd. The children should bring in their boxes in a named plastic bag on either Friday 20th or Monday 23rd. Please remember!

Now that summer is here please don’t put your child in a vest. The classroom is so hot and airless the fewer clothes the better! Water bottles are really necessary we are filling them constantly. Hats and sun cream need to be remembered and too many children are coming without a light coat or waterproof. If we arrange to go out and it is raining and your child has no coat they will have to stay in school. This would be very disappointing.

Have a lovely weekend, make the most of the good weather whilst it is still with us!