World War 2 Day

World War 2 Day had a very different feel to it as the children and teachers came to school dressed in clothes suitable for the 1940s.

Lessons were much stricter than usual.  The children sat in alphabetical order and were referred to with their surnames for boys and with Miss and their surnames for girls.  They had to stand whenever a member of staff entered the room and only spoke when spoken to – a nice change for the teachers might I just add.

We had arithmetic practice, handwriting and spelling practice but had to be prepared to dive for shelter with our gas masks if the air raid siren went off (which it did quite a few times in the course of the day).

In the afternoon, we had a marble competition followed by our Street Party with jam, fish paste and spam sandwiches, Victoria Sponge cake, scones and biscuits to celebrate the end of the war.  The day ended with skipping on the playground and some games of Jacks, Pick up Sticks and Snakes and Ladders.

An enjoyable but exhausting day for our World War 2 children and teachers.