Year 2 Home Learning

Here are some extra ideas of things you can do for Home Learning. This is all extra work and is only for times when you are looking for something else to do. You are not expected to complete this work.

• Read everyday – Bug Club has lots of books for you to read and lots of bug questions to answer. You can also read all of the fun books you have at home. Try to do 10 minutes of reading a day.

• Write book reviews for the books you finish – tell us which characters were your favourites, the parts you liked the most and what you thought of the book

• Keep a diary – this doesn’t have to be done every day, choose some days you did something unusual or exciting!

• Practise spellings from the Y1/2 words list – see document link below

• Practise 2, 5 and 10 times tables – Use Times Tables Rockstars.

• Use all four operations (+, -, x and ÷). Ask someone in your house to give you some tricky sums to do! Can you use your bar models to help you? Can you write some for other people in your house too?

• Measure objects around your house and record the lengths. You could even measure different parts of you, how long is your arm? How much longer is the arm of someone else in your house?

• Go on a 3D shape hunt around the house, write the names of all the shapes you find, then make a table and record the number of faces, edges and vertices for each object

• Think about the coins you know, what amounts can you make? Someone in your house might have some coins you could use to add together! 

• My Maths has work set for you, which we would like you to try to complete. You can also have a go at some of the other tasks if you would like.