Year 3 Home Learning Summer Week 11

And so we reach the penultimate week of the school year and the end of term approaches. We hope you had a great week and continue to choose the activities that suit you. Remember that if you were at school at the moment our work would be broken up with Sports day, transition day and drama rehearsals for example, so take plenty of time to do the things that you enjoy in between some school work. There are lots of tasks here, but the idea is that you choose the subjects you enjoy – there is no expectation to do them all. Keep sending through pictures – we love seeing what you are up to!

As usual, you can contact us on email or via twitter @Year3WR

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This week in Maths we are continuing measuring mass and capacity. There are sheets saved below, including the RPS extension sheets for anyone that wants them.

Watch the video for each day and complete the relevant worksheet:

Monday – Measure mass

Tuesday – Compare mass

Wednesday – Add and subtract mass  

Thursday – Measure capacity

You could have some fun measuring out mass and capacity at home through baking or making a milkshake! If you do, don’t forget to send a photo!

Friday –  Mental Maths test Spring 4 (an adult will need to read the questions out. Don’t worry too much about the timings) or BBC Bitesize Challenges.


Follow the daily lessons from BBC bitesize –


Oak National Academy – for teaching led lessons that don’t require printing – just remember that whichever unit you choose to start from lesson 1 –


Hamilton Home Learning (This week linked to The Sword in the Stone and Poems by RL Stevenson – see below).


Talk 4 Writing: Journey to the jungle


Watch the videos from Espresso on ‘Discovering the mosque’ and ‘Quran’

Complete the activities on ‘Islam’ and the attached sheet on Hajj.

Bonus round – create a powerpoint presentation showing what you have learnt this term about Islam.


Watch the video:

Look at the Powerpoint and pictures of life in Ancient Egypt. There were no cameras thousands of years ago to take photos in ancient Egypt, but using different sources of evidence, these pictures have been drawn by an artist to show what life might have been like.

Look carefully at each picture and describe it. Answer these questions:

What is happening? Why do you think that? What jobs did people do? Are there any similarities between your lives and everyday life in Egypt? What was important in ancient Egypt that is still important for modern life today?


Have a go at some of these tasks from Oak Academy on Pulse, Beatboxing and Singing scales.


Follow Home activity pack 4 and complete the activities.

Again, you can go back to previous weeks to repeat the word processing activities (BBC Dance Mat Typing, or Google Chrome Music Lab).


Check out the Tate kids website. Learn about the different artists and art styles on show. You can also try some of the games and quizzes.

This week you could also have a go at creating this piece of art:

or another abstract one if you prefer:


Here are two ideas for this week and next if you’d like to have a go:

  1. Marble run (this one uses straws and a table tennis ball)
  2. Dream catcher (collect some items from nature and get creative!)

Have a great week and don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help with anything.