Year 3 Home Learning Summer Week 12

We finally made it to the last week of term! You have all done so well with your learning at home and many of you have had the time to spend on new skills and projects that you might not have done had you been at school. We are so proud of you!

This week we will post the usual resources for those that want them, but you might prefer some end of term style tasks, so there are lots of ideas below. Many of these sheets include elements of maths or English, so you could use these instead of the normal worksheets. As usual, choose the things that you enjoy and continue to learn in the way that suits you.

It has not been the end of term that we would have liked, but it has been an absolute pleasure teaching all of you this year and we can’t wait to see you back in school in September! Have an amazing summer break, stay safe and remember to help out around the house. I think your parents deserve the break even more than you do!

As usual, you can contact us on email or via twitter @Year3WR

Miss Hallahan –

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This week in Maths the sheets are linked to capacity and statistics. The children have almost certainly done some of these sheets before so they may prefer to do the Classroom Secrets sheets if you are following this schedule for Maths. Alternatively, they can use the time to put their capacity and mass knowledge to more practical use through baking/measuring or use the End of Term activity sheets which contain some maths.

Watch the video for each day and complete the relevant worksheet:

Monday – Compare capacity

Tuesday – Add and subtract capacity

Wednesday – Pictograms 

Thursday – Bar charts

Friday –  Mental Maths test Spring 5 (an adult will need to read the questions out. Don’t worry too much about the timings) or BBC Bitesize Challenge.

White Rose have also created some revision booklets available to download for free here:


Follow the daily lessons from BBC bitesize –

Oak National Academy – for teaching led lessons that don’t require printing – just remember that whichever unit you choose to start from lesson 1 –

Talk 4 Writing: Unicorn or Lockdown.


Hamilton Home Learning (This week linked to – songs, poems and calligrams featuring ‘Bembo’s Zoo).


Read the remaining powerpoints on Mummies and Tutunkhamen.

Complete the diary entry sheet and message in a jar sheet. Use the ‘sources’ to help you with your diary.


This summer should have been the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. Read the information on the PowerPoint and do some research into a sport or country taking part.


Follow the link to find Home activity packs and complete any remaining activities.


Complete any tasks from the last two weeks (Marble run, dream catcher or painting) or have a go at a portrait using Mosaics or pastels or whatever you have at home. Here’s an example using Frida Khalo. You can choose to complete a portrait of yourself or someone else.

You might also enjoy some of these sketch lessons from artist Rob Biddulph:

End of term fun!

Complete any of these sheets throughout the week or over the holidays if you would like to! The mental maths cards say to work them out in your head but I’d encourage you to write out your working out.