Year 3 Home Learning – Summer Week 3

Please find below Maths and English activities for you to complete, as well as some ideas for foundation subjects to choose from. As Friday is a Bank Holiday there is no Maths lesson set for Friday and we would encourage you to take the day off from Home Learning and perhaps try some of the VE Day activities suggested by Mrs Driver or the many found on twinkl and elsewhere online. Please use these ideas as a guide and complete as much or as little suits your situation. You’re all doing an amazing job, so thank you!

As usual, you can contact us on email or via twitter for any support or clarification that you need.


Watch the video for each day, starting with: Day 1 – Equivalent Fractions (2) (Click the link and then drop down to find Summer Term – Week 1) This assumes you’ve already completed Equivalent Fractions (1) so if you haven’t then look back to last week’s work to find it.

Complete the White Rose Worksheet 

(answers are online for parents to check).

Monday / Day 1 – Equivalent Fractions (2)

Tuesday / Day 2 – Equivalent Fractions (3)

Wednesday / Day 3 – Compare Fractions

Thursday / Day 4 – Order Fractions

Friday / Day 5 – BANK HOLIDAY

Remind the children that Equivalent is another word for ‘equal to’ or ‘the same as’ and use your Fraction Wall or strips of paper from last week to help to compare and order fractions (the fraction wall will be especially handy for Lesson 4).

It often helps to use examples of objects such as pizza or chocolate when comparing fractions, eg – you can have one half or two quarters – to help them see that this would be the same amount, but cut into different sized pieces- or you can have one half or one quarter – to help them see the difference – (I know which I would choose!).

It may also be worth reminding the children that the bigger the number on the bottom (denominator) the smaller the fraction (as it is cut into smaller pieces) and the smaller the denominator the bigger the fraction.

When comparing using the ‘greater than’ > and ‘less than’ < symbols remind the children that the crocodile eats the larger number!

Number Gators (Greater Than, Less Than Symbols Song) - YouTube

This week I would say that the White Rose sheets are easier and more practical than the Classroom Secrets VF ones so I’d suggest doing those first and only use the VF sheets in addition if needed. (All sheets saved below with VF in title– Varied Fluency)

If your child would like more of a challenge, after completing the White Rose sheet they can have a go at the Classroom Secrets sheets (All sheets saved below with RPS in title – Reasoning and Problem Solving)


Below are several ideas to keep you going for this week and next, no more than one activity per day is plenty, or you can follow the daily lessons from BBC bitesize –

If you have not yet done so, we would like you to send your teacher an email to give us an update on what you’ve been up to during lockdown (and to reassure us that you are safe and well!)

Listen to poems by Michael Rosen then have a go at writing your own or performing a poem of your choice (We recommend ‘Chocolate Cake’ ‘The register’ and ‘No breathing in class’)

Look at ‘Shape poems’ – there a hundreds available online to look at – and write your own shape poem. (The shape of your poem should be what the poem is about!)

You may enjoy this story as a reading break –

You may have seen Mrs Hall post on twitter about the Fiction Express writing competition. If you would like to enter then, once you have written your story, please email your entry to and copy in your teacher too. Perhaps use for inspiration

Many of the activities below for RE are writing or reading based, so that can count as your English lesson for the day instead if you are short on time.

We always encourage you to enjoy any form of reading, including:

Complete a reading comprehension on First News or Fiction Express.

Write a review for a David Walliams story  –

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams


Try spelling games to work on homophones –

RE/ Art/ PSHE/ Reading

  1. Read from the Powerpoint about Ramadan.
  2. Can you find out the dates for Ramadan and Eid this year?
  3. Watch the video
  4. Complete the written worksheet answering questions.
  5. Complete the mindfulness colouring sheet.
  6. Make a ‘future family plans’ jar.
  7. Read along with the e-book ‘Ramena’s Ramadan’
  8. Complete the Reading comprehension sheets below (three levels of difficulty to choose from).


Watch the clip –

Read the additional information ‘Mountain Climates fact sheet’ and complete sheets of your choice. (NB The fact sheet is very wordy so skim read to children – key facts are highlighted for ease.)


Try a new website for touch typing – scroll down to start at Level 1.

Have a great week and don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help with anything.