Year 3 Home Learning – Summer Week 9

Hopefully you are starting to feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel, with just four weeks left to go of home schooling. You are all doing so well with your work and just need to keep trying your best for a few more weeks.

We are missing seeing all of you in school, but we are looking forward to seeing you on zoom this week for a catch up! Please get in touch with your class teacher if you haven’t already and would like to take part.

We know it’s hard to be motivated some days, so chose the tasks you enjoy and make sure to spend lots of time doing the things that make you happy! Don’t let school work stress you out, we’ll help you to catch up when we are back in September. Make the most of your time at home with loved ones; reading, baking, inventing, creating…it’s all a form of learning – even play time! The best writers have the best imaginations and the best inventions are created in down time.

As usual, you can contact us on email or via twitter @Year3WR

Miss Hallahan –

Mrs Tite –

Here are some ideas for home learning for this coming week:


This week in Maths we are jumping ahead one week to be in line with BBC Bitesize and the last four weeks of Home learning from White Rose, starting with properties of shape. There are individual links below to each day’s video as well as daily sheets with answers. If the children are losing interest with the White Rose sheets they can try the daily lesson from BBC Bitesize which meets the same objective here There are no classroom secrets sheets saved here but if you’d like them as an extension please email Miss Hallahan.

Monday – Right angles in shapes

Tuesday – Compare angles

Wednesday –  Horizontal and vertical

Thursday – Parallel and perpendicular

Friday –  Either BBC Bitesize Challenges or Mental Maths test Spring 2 (an adult will need to read the questions out. Don’t worry too much about the timings).


Follow the daily lessons from BBC bitesize –


Oak National Academy – for teaching led lessons that don’t require printing – just remember that whichever unit you choose to start from lesson 1 –


Hamilton Home Learning (This week its more Harry Potter – see below).


Write a list of all of your ‘Special places’ – where do you go to think? Where do you feel happy? Can you name the special places that people of different religions visit? For Muslims this place is called a mosque.

Watch the video –

Use the powerpoint to find out about the key features of a mosque. Draw a picture of the inside of a mosque or make one using a shoebox/cardboard box. Use the activity sheet labels to label the correct areas, reading them as you go.


Watch any remaining videos and activities from espresso on Mountains –

Use Google Earth to visit the mountain ranges you have learnt about and write a description of what it is like to visit (Use your five senses: What can you see, hear, smell, feel, touch?) – drag and drop the man icon to use street view on Google Earth. Alternatively, if you have a smart phone and VR headset (cardboard ones can be purchased for as little as £8) visit a mountain or mountain range on the app Google Expeditions – you can see the view from Mount Everest and the basecamp or the Alps!


Make a model of a mountain or mountain range. If you are feeling brave this could be from paper mache and painted, or for a simpler model see the picture below for ideas –


Follow Home activity pack 2. Re-watch the video, write down the four steps Alfie has taken and answer the questions.


Become a digital music composer! Have a go at the various areas on the Chrome Music Lab. Start with Song Maker where you can create your own tune which can be saved and posted to your teacher via email or twitter. What can you find out about the different instruments? Can you vary speed, volume, pitch? Have fun!


Recreate sports day by trying some PE tasks from the Youth Trust. Try again later in the week, can you beat your time/distance/speed?

Take some time out to stretch and be mindful with some mindfulness and yoga:

Have a great week!