Year 3 trip to Celtic Harmony

On Wednesday, Year 3 visited Celtic Harmony for a Pre-History day, focusing on our topic of the Stone Age. 

When we arrived, we were greated at the gates by our guides who took us back in time to the Stone Age. We had to travel through a special time travelling gate whilst shouting our names to ensure our whole body made it through! 

Throughout the day, we worked through different activities including den building, trading, hunter-gathering, soup-making and learning about the tools and weapons of the time. We even had the chance to see and touch a real boar skin! 

After lunch, we continued with our activities and were able to trade our modern pounds for celtic gold coins, which we could spend in the gift shop.

Finally our guide showed us how to make a fire from scratch – we were very impressed, but it made the hut rather smokey! 

We had a fantastic day and the children were a pleasure to take out!