Year 4 – Food’s Incredible Journey

As part of our unit of work on Animals including humans, Beech and Lime class have been learning about the incredible journey food takes through the digestive system.

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning the names of the different parts of the digestive system before moving on to important functions each part plays. We have really enjoyed learning about how food travels through the body and the journey that it takes so that it can be broken down in order for us to get the nutrients that we need.

We have also learnt some fascinating facts along the way that we wanted to share with you!

Did you know?

The average person produces between 450ml and 1500ml of saliva a day!

An adults digestive system is between 7-9m in length!

A child’s small intestine is around 4.5m long!

Food stays in the stomach for roughly 4 hours before moving on to the next stage of its journey!

Enzymes are like special keys that (unlock) help to break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats!

We hope you enjoy looking through our photos which show you what we have been getting up to in class.