Year 4 – Home learning 22.10.20-23.10.20

Dear Parents,

Today your child will have come home with any sheets that they will need to complete their home learning over the next two days. We have set out three activities that we expect the children to complete each day and these can be seen below.



Children are to complete the White Rose ‘Checking Strategies’ worksheet.  This is the second lesson on this objective as the children’s first lesson on it was today.  To help the children complete this task, there is a White Rose home learning presentation which will talk the children through the stages. This can be found using the following link where you need to click on the ‘Checking Strategies’ presentation.  

English – BIG WRITE

Can I write a story where a problem must be overcome? 

Children are to plan and write an original story where the character overcomes a problem.  We have supplied the children with a story mountain planning sheet and we would like them to use this to help structure their story before they start writing.  They will need to spend roughly 10 minutes planning and between 30 and 40 minutes writing.  We have provided you with lined paper for the children to write on.


Can I use aerial photographs to draw a map with symbols?

In Geography, we have been looking at and learning about the UK. For this lesson, we would like you to look at Hitchin and draw a map, including symbols, to represent its features and landmarks.

You will need Google Earth, some A4 paper and pencils.

Use Google Earth to find Hitchin

  1. What landmarks can you see? e.g. roads. Now list a few.
  2. How do you know lots of people live in Hitchin?
  3. Zoom in to see if you can find the following: a field/park, tennis courts, a school, a roundabout, a carpark, the train station, a church and a river. If they have names, list them on your paper.
  4. Would a city or village look different? Put your answer in full sentences to help explain your thoughts and ideas.
  5. Look at Great Wymondley and then at London to compare them. Focus on the area around The River Thames. Write a sentence or two about what you notice. What is the same? What is different? Is it what you expected to see?
  6. Finally, draw a map of the area around our school to show what landmarks you would see from the air. Can you add a key to explain any symbols? You may colour it if you wish.

Please see an example below.



Children are to complete the Year 4 End of Unit Assessment on Addition and Subtraction.  We would like the children to complete this under test type conditions.  The children can have up to 50 minutes to complete this task and please can you record on the top of the sheet how long it took them. This assessment is to identify any gaps in the children’s learning so please avoid helping them but instead remind your child, as we do in school, to try their best and move on if they find a question too difficult.


The children are to complete the Year 4 English and Grammar Punctuation test.


Children are to make their own pair of binoculars using kitchen roll tubes.  We have provided the children with a frame for them to sketch onto.  We would like a sketch of what they can see through their homemade binoculars.  An example of what we would like can be seen in the picture below.

In addition to the above tasks, all children can access Times Table Rockstars to supplement their maths learning.  We would normally have a times table test on Friday so this would be a good activity for them to complete.  If your child is unsure of their TTRS username and password please contact us via email. We have also provided your child with a times table sheet which can also be completed in the next two days or over half term as part of their holiday homework.

Staying active during self isolation is vital for the children both physically and mentally and as we are unable to exercise outside of our own homes or gardens, we would suggest that you get the children involved in any of Joe Wicks’ previous ‘PE with Joe’ workouts which can be found on his Body Coach Youtube Channel. Alternatively, your child might prefer Oti Mabuse’s dance classes for kids which can be found on her Youtube channel. Fingers crossed for good weather and we can get some fresh air and exercise in our own gardens too.

All children must return their home learning tasks on the first day that they return to school. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s home learning, please contact us via email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Please keep an eye on the school website (at the end of halftern) where we will add the additional home learning tasks to be completed for the first three days of next half term.

Take care,

The Year 4 team – Mrs Wheat – Miss Eldridge – Mrs Mackilligan