Year 5s during School Journey Week

Our week without Year Sixes

This blog is about our week without Year Sixes. We have done multiple things this week including; Sports Leaders and a project on ‘les pays francophones’.

On Monday and Tuesday we learned about Sports Leaders with Mrs Burr.

First of all we talked about what a Sports Leader is and what they do. We also talked about the play leaders phrase ‘SOCCER’. We then went down to the hall and focused on how to put children into teams fairly. For example; numbering them and giving them a colour. Next, we tried those routines on each other. After all that, Mrs Burr started teaching us activities that we might have already played before like Stuck in the Mud or games we have never played before like Farmers and Foxes. 

In the afternoon, we got into groups (those people in our group were generally on out sitting table in class) and made up a game. To make it even more fun we taught it to other groups!

On Tuesday, in the morning we went on the field and made up a warm-up and a cool-down in our groups. We made some warm-ups like; the bean game, Granny footsteps, stuck in the mud and it! Then we practised altogether our warm-up, main activity and cool-down.

In the afternoon, we taught Key Stage 1 our games. As it was raining we unfortunately had to do it indoors but that didn’t stop us. As we had numbered our groups 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. 1, 2, 3 and 4 went first in the hall to teach Class 1/R and Class 2. Meanwhile the other four groups were colouring in. After 50 minutes we swapped round so then 5, 6, 7, and 8 went and taught class R and class 1/2. It was a great experience. Now we can be Sports Leaders!

On Wednesday and Thursday we learnt about all the countries in the world where French is spoken. We started off with researching France itself then we moved onto searching countries that speak French. Did you know that a Francophone is an area of a country or a country that speaks French? Next in pairs we researched a Francophone country. Callum did Belgium and Megan did Morocco. We all presented our presentation the following afternoon.

Finally on Friday, we edited,  improved and typed up our Just William stories for the Big Write. Just William books are about a child called William who is very mischievous. This has been a great week especially without the Year Sixes!