Year 6 School Journey

Year 6 School Journey to Kingswood – by Margot and Georgie

On Wednesday 28 June, the Year 6’s set off on a coach to Kingswood (a residential centre). Sadly, we weren’t able to go to Wales this year due to Covid regulations but we all had a great time in Norfolk.

Day 1:

On arrival, after a 3 hour journey, we were shown to our accommodation. We then met our incredible course directors: Liam, Matt and Marcas.

Our first task was to make our beds. Some of us struggled more than others!

We were then split into 3 groups and set off to the activities. Group 1 enjoyed a game of laser tag whilst group 2 tested their courage and pushed themselves in leap of faith. Elsewhere, group 3 put their inventing skills to use in go kart building.

Finally, after an exhausting day and dinner we finished off with mini Olympics.

Day 2:

Ready for another exciting day, group 1 and 3 joined forces in fire building. It definitely required lots of patience and perseverance. Meanwhile, group two put their construction minds in action during den building. Some of us definitely needed a shower after a messy morning!

After a well-needed lunch, we put our trust to the test in ‘Nightline’ where we had to complete an obstacle course blindfolded. This was followed by go kart building.

Group 2 also did nightline but after aeroball (which group 3 did as well); a fun combination of the trampoline and basketball shooting (even some of the teachers got involved).

Finally group 3 had fun shooting people in laser tag.

We were so hungry after a chaotic afternoon we all inhaled our dinner. Our final activity was a night walk along the coast and up a large mount. Exhausted, we went back and to our welcoming beds.

Day 3:

We started the day off with a yummy breakfast and warm showers. Group 1 and group 3 then went and used their teamwork skills in Jacob’s Ladder, a wobbling ladder where the gaps get larger as you go along, before moving on to abseiling and zipwire. The zipwire was super fun and it was, for many of us, our favourite activity. Abseiling was nerve-wracking the first time, but we all quickly got the hang of it. Group 2 also enjoyed the obstacle challenge. The obstacle included a giant see-saw which people had to balance out using our body weight and momentum. We had to balance for over 10 seconds.

We had all certainly had a busy morning so lunch was well-needed.

Reenergised, we set off for our afternoon activities which repeated the morning but different groups had a go at different activities. After a delicious dinner, we went to the back field to have a cosy campfire and multiple cups of hot chocolate. We sang songs and had a great time with Matt and Liam. Before we knew it, it was time for bed.

Day 4:

Straight after breakfast, Liam joined group 1 for archery and aeroball which was wildly enjoyed. Meanwhile, group 2 participated in go kart building followed by another exhilarating session of archery with Markas.

Elsewhere, group 3 tested each other in obstacle challenge. Afterwards, group 3 had a laugh in nightline.

Once we had finished our activities we went to the gift shop where a range of amazing souvenirs were on offer. We also snuck a chocolate bar for the beach.  

We then regrouped for lunch to find Mrs Driver waiting to see us.

Despite the freezing cold weather, we still managed to go to the beach. We made sandcastles, big holes, played football, cricket and paddled in the sea.  We also found a jellyfish and crabs.

Everyone had lots of fun and was very sandy when we got back to our accommodation, but we quickly got cleaned up for the last evening activity with Matt and Markas. We made bottle rockets with water balloons attached. If your balloon didn’t pop you got to throw it at our course directors (let’s just say the plan back fired and we all got soaked).

Shattered, we all collapsed into our beds.


Group 1 and 3 did team tech together; a competitive game of cooperation and architecture.

We then went on to leap of faith and archery as group 2 finished laser tag.

Finally we had our last lunch sat down outside the car park and with our suitcases packed we set off back home.

All the year 6’s would like to say a big thanks to all the teachers, TA’s and workers at Kingwood who made this once in a life time experience possible. We all had a lovely time and will treasure the memories we made forever.

By Margot and Georgie