Zip Wire Success!

What an amazing experience!

Today was my zip wire challenge and I have to confess I was a little nervous this morning when I got up!

We have been staying on Anglesey since Monday and Team WR have been building up to the big event! Yesterday the weather was glorious but today showed us more cloud and even the odd spot of rain, but when we left the house at 10.30 this morning the rain stopped and the sky lightened as we drove towards Bethesda!

Mrs Massey and I were delighted to see Mr Williams our friend from Plas Tan y Bwlch as we reached the zips wire, he couldn’t believe I would actually go through with this, but there was no turning back! In no time we were queuing up to be kitted out and the harnesses were strapped on!

The first adventure was the Little Zipper to get us used to the sensation of flying. This was close to the viewing area so Team WR could come to watch the event close up! On this flight we were the last to go and this was not good for me as I became more and more worried. Climbing onto the table you launch from was daunting and then, once strapped on with the harness the table disappeared! Now there was no going back and I felt sick!

3 2 1 and we were off! It was a strange feeling and no time to get used to it as the flight lasted only 20 seconds! That was a trial run! Now for the big one!

A bus took is the 15 minute drive up the mountain and now I was getting very jittery. Mrs Massey was very calm and I was very grateful to have her with me! At the top there was no time to stop and think as Karen decided we would be the first to go down!

Getting set up here was terrifying as the mountain side fell away in front of us! The safety checks were equally stringent – thank goodness, then it was 3 2 1 and we were off!

Oh my goodness it was amazing! The feeling of flying was unbelievable and it was remarkably quiet! Flying over the quarry was an amazing experience and I absolutely loved it! Stopping and landing was a bit hair raising but we did it and both survived! We were exhilarated and energised and could easily have done the whole thing again!

Team WR were there to meet us and it was lovely to have them there cheering as we walked back to the viewing area.

Thank you everyone who has supported us in this adventure. We believe we have exceeded our target of £3500 with the extra donations we have in school on top of our £3000 on Justgiving. We will purchase the defibrillator as soon as possible and start looking at sound systems!

Before too long we will load video footage of the whole experience so you can see what we went through!