A great start for Beech and Lime!

Year 4 have done a brilliant job with their learning this half term and we’re very excited to share it with you all! They have revised their multiplication and division skills in Maths and used their knowledge of estimating, rounding and place value to help them with their work on money. Most recently they have been practising telling time, a very important life skill but a tricky one to master.

In English, there have been assignments on a huge variety of things from traditional stories like Peter and the Wolf to the more modern, The Incredible Book Eating Boy. During a week of poetry, the children covered lots of different types of poems including Limericks and explored some more unusual titles like The Quangle Wangle’s Hat. Within all of this, they’ve been practising their spelling and grammar and entertaining us with their story writing.

The wider curriculum activities have given the classes a chance to learn about sound in Science and Christianity in RE as well as all the things the Romans introduced to Britain. In Art they have been studying, designing and making chairs while the weather has helped their imaginations when it’s come to learning about life in Antarctica for Geography.

Extra-curricular events include those many class Zooms they’ve had where they’ve played games, shown each other their work and shared the things they love doing with one another. This last thing was part of children’s mental health week when some of them took part in Inside Out Day. Now more than ever we need to be kind to ourselves and one another so we look forward to hearing about what they got up to in half term to help them relax and enjoy a well-earned rest.