Welcome to the New Orbit Team

We are very pleased to announce our new team for the Orbit this year. They are already busy writing and researching interesting stories for you to read in the school magazine. Look out for their first issue which will be printed at the end of the Autumn term.

Orbit Summer Issue 2021

Looking for some summer reading? The look no further than the latest issue of the Orbit. Lots of interesting articles written by our budding journalists from Year 5 and 6. Enjoy!

Orbit Christmas Competition

A huge thank you to everyone who entered the Orbit Christmas picture competition. We had lots of amazing entries, which made it very hard to judge. Unfortunately, our Orbit team are not in school at the moment, due to the lockdown restrictions, so were not available to judge the pictures. Luckily, Mrs Driver agreed to … Read more

Orbit Winter Issue

The Orbit team have been busy working hard to produce the Winter issue of the Orbit, which should be arriving home this week. We hope you enjoy reading it. Don’t forget to enter the Christmas competition on page 11. Merry Christmas to you all.

The William Ransom Orbit – Autumn

Charlotte wanted to do something different during lockdown so she decided to write an edition of the Orbit to keep herself busy and updating all of us. To help save the trees we have decided to upload the orbit to the website instead of sending out a printed issue this term.We hope you enjoy reading … Read more

Orbit Spring Photo Competition

Thank you to everyone who has entered the Orbit Spring Photo competition. We’ve had lots of amazing entries as you can see below. The Orbit team will decide on our winners when we are back in school, but we thought it would be nice to share them with you all for now. Seb has also … Read more

The William Ransom Orbit – Spring 2020

The Orbit team have been busy writing articles for the Spring edition of the Orbit. As many children will not be at school for the next few weeks we have decided to upload it to the website instead of sending out a printed issue this term.We hope you enjoy reading it!Don’t forget to enter the … Read more