William Ransom Annual Pancake Race

Shrove Tuesday comes round more quickly every year. With this year, it being just after half term, the house captains had plenty of time to pick their teams! Mrs Hall was in charge of providing the pancakes and she was determined that her pancakes were not going to fall apart during the course of the … Read more

Saturn win the House Cup!

For the third time this school year, Saturn have won the house cup. Well done to everyone in Saturn who earned house points. The final scores were: Saturn 803 Mars 799 Jupiter 714 Neptune 672

House Cup Winners

Saturn are the winners of the House Cup for this last half term. We decided to present it at the start of the new term to generate enthusiasm and excitement for the term ahead. The House Points were: Saturn 725 Mars 689 Jupiter 638 Neptune 629

Neptune win the House Cup!

For the first time this year Neptune have won the House Cup! The final scores were: Saturn 464 Mars 474 Jupiter  510 Neptune 525 Well done to everyone who earned house points this term!

Pancake race 2016

The fiercely contested Annual Pancake Race was run on Shrove Tuesday. Runners from each house and each year group competed for the glory of coming first! The whole school descended onto the bottom playground to watch this annual event. 4 year 3 boys were the first to run and as Mrs Driver started the race … Read more

New House Captains

Welcome to our new House Captains for 2015 – 2016, Alina, George, Austen, Annabel, Feranmi, Lucy, Callum and Isabella. They have already held their first assembly and are looking forward to leading their houses during this year.

A Win for Neptune!

Now that we have reached the end of the first half term, the House Cup was presented in assembly this morning. There was a wide spread of points this term with Mars gaining 322 points, Jupiter got 395 points, Saturn came second with 455 points and Neptune were the overall winners with 466 points. The … Read more

Interhouse Football and Netball

The whole school came out to support their houses for the annual Interhouse Football and Netball competitions. The sun was shining and there was plenty of shouting and cheering during the various matches played throughout the afternoon. The four houses each had 3 matches to play against each other in both games and the spectators … Read more

Neptune Win the House Cup

Well done again to the members of Neptune who have won the House Cup for the second half of the Spring Term. Neptune were quite comfortable winners this time with Jupiter and Saturn finishing very close to each other in second and third. The final totals were as follws: Neptune – 420 Jupiter – 375 … Read more

Neptune Win House Cup

Well done to the members of Neptune who have won the House Cup for this half term.With Saturn having won for the last few times, it was great to have a different winner (although the Saturn House Captains might not agree!). The final scores were as follows: Neptune – 480 Saturn – 422 Mars – … Read more