Fabulous flowers

Elm class have been learning all about plants in Science this term. This week, we found out how plants reproduce. We looked at the pollination and fertilisation process and identified the different parts of the flower.   We then made our own model flowers to show all the different parts.  We learnt that bees and other … Read more

The River Nile

Elm class have been learning all about the River Nile and how important it was to the Ancient Egyptians. We learnt that the Nile floods each year and, when the flood waters recede, they leave behind rich, fertile land which is perfect for growing crops. The River Nile was also important for irrigation (watering the … Read more

Observing Worms in Maple Class

As part of our unit on Animals, we were observing worms today in Maple Class. We learnt that worms have hydrostatic skeletons, which means that fluid gives them structure. Worms move by squeezing their muscles so that they become long and thin. Then, they have tiny hairs which help to pull them through the soil.

Science Club

The Year 3 Science Club has been busy with a range of activities and investigations. We investigated chromatography in sweets by separating out the colours in the coating of different types of sweets. We explored forces and aerodynamics by testing different types of paper plane and paper helicopters to see how they flew and which … Read more

Carbon Printing Golden Fish!

As part of our printing work this term Maple class have created these amazing paintings based on The Goldfish by Paul Klee. Children used carbon paper to print fish. Throughout the activity children used their sketchbooks to experiment and explore the skills needed to create their piece of art. They loved lifting the carbon paper … Read more

Circus Science!

Years 3 and 5 have been learning all about forces in Science this term and today had the opportunity to see forces in action in a Circus Skills show. Nick from Shooting Stars demonstrated his amazing juggling skills and explained how different types of force are needed on different pieces of juggling equipment: pushes, pulls, … Read more

Sketchbook Wednesday in Maple

Wednesdays in Maple Class are Sketchbook Wednesdays: this means that we start off the day with ten minutes of drawing in our sketchbooks. We listen to peaceful music and have a lovely calm start to our day. Today, the children were given a copy of Child with a Dove by Picasso and instructed to try … Read more