Year 3 Myths

In our English lessons this term, Year 3 have been studying myths. We read lots of Greek myths and learnt all about heroes, quests and fearsome mythological creatures. We created our own mythological creatures and finished our topic by writing our own myths. We hope you enjoy reading some of our exciting stories.

Year 3 D&T ‘Project Pencil Case’

Year 3 have been very hard at work practising their design and technology skills, ready to create their own pencil case. First, they investigated different types of pencil cases. Then they practised their drawing skills. Have a look at some of their lovely stationery drawings below: Next, they practised sewing using different types of stitch. … Read more

Year 3 – Home Learning Spring Week 1

Dear Parents, Please find below some online learning for Year 3 Maple and Elm Class. We are aware some of the work set relies on the children having access to a device and the internet.  Although feedback from the home learning survey confirmed children have access to these, we do understand some children might be … Read more

Science rocks!

Year three have enjoyed their science investigations learning about rocks. They have closely examined the physical characteristics of rocks and planned and carried out tests. The children have tested different types of rocks for hardness, water permeability, density and durability. They made sure the experiments were fair and recorded their results in a table. Keep … Read more

Luscious Lunch!

In design & technology, Year 3 have been researching and designing a luscious lunch! After investigating healthy packed lunch choices, they considered and made the packaging for a dessert bar and planned toppings for a salad. They enjoyed chopping, mixing, slicing and grating to create colourful pasta salad and tasty rocky road bar. They couldn’t … Read more

Let your spirit fly!

Year 3 have loved their unusual music lessons this term. We have learnt the song ‘Let your spirit fly’ and we performed it outdoors. Check us out in action below. Thank you to our Year 3 camera man who did a good job with some help from Miss Swinburne. It was tricky filming everyone in … Read more

Year 3 Celtic Harmony Trip

Year 3 really enjoyed their trip to Celtic Harmony on Monday. The children were transported back to the Stone Age and took part in lots of guided activities. After a brief introduction which included a demonstration of fire lighting, the children went off to build Stone Age shelters and forage for food. They then had … Read more