The Pupil Premium at William Ransom Primary School

The Pupil Premium (PP) grant is allocated to support our school to raise the educational attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities to help them reach their potential. At William Ransom Primary School, all members of staff and the governing body accept responsibility for this goal and we are committed to meeting the pastoral, social and academic needs of all pupils within our caring and nurturing environment.

We want our pupils to be knowledgeable, kind, resilient and independent upon leaving our school, be ready to face the challenges of secondary school and to make a positive contribution to wider society. We provide a rich, varied and engaging curriculum which makes an exceptional contribution to our pupils’ outcomes. We strive to ensure that our children develop the skills and values needed to be successful through high-quality teaching, well planned interventions and by offering a wide range of opportunities and experiences for personal development. The strategies employed are informed by ongoing data analysis and in depth research using the EEF guidance for Pupil Premium.

We believe that there is no ceiling for what any child can achieve. We are determined to ensure that every pupil is given the best possible chance to realise their full potential through the wide-ranging and engaging provision that we offer. We seek to target our resources equitably to ensure that we provide for every child and have a positive impact on their wellbeing.

All funding received by the school from successful pupil premium applications from our parents and carers will be used in their entirety to further develop the initiatives and interventions described in our Pupil premium strategy which can be accessed here:

William Ransom Pupil Premium Strategy 2024-2027

Please check if you are eligible to make an application by clicking on the link below and please approach me, Mr Plunkett, one of our deputies Mrs Hall or Mrs Wheat, or a member of our school office team, Mrs Massey, Mrs Hopcraft or Mrs Coulsey and we would be more than happy to assist you.

If your child is eligible for free school meals, they’ll also qualify for the Holiday Activity and Food Programme. Food vouchers may also be available through the Household Support Fund. Find out more by contacting your local council.