Marvellous Mathematicians

During our Maths starters this week, we noticed that the children were all using the different methods we’ve been practising this year. Every child was choosing the method they preferred – some used bar models for fractions, some used dots and grouping for division, number lines for rounding and different formal methods for long multiplication. … Read more

Year 5 Mash Club

On Tuesday lunchtimes, some of our Year fives have been participating in ‘Mash Club’ – a computing club with an E-Safety and coding focus. They began by exploring ‘Interland’, an adventure-packed online game that puts the key lessons of digital citizenship and safety into hands-on practice. They reviewed some of the games to share with … Read more

World Book Day

The children in Willow and Rowan Class had a fabulous day celebrating World Book Day. They talked about their favourite books, wrote book reviews and created characters for Story Land. They also enjoyed hearing all about Sarah Oliver’s books (author of Polyanne, The Mermaid’s Wedding and Lionel Messi – The Ultimate Biography) She gave them … Read more

Willow Viking Art

In Willow Class, we have been studying Vikings. This week, we created our own Viking artwork. We learnt how to draw a snake head in the Viking style. Then we used our previous learning on drawing Viking knots to create the snakes’ bodies. We were very proud of our results!

Moving Toys – Year 5

In our recent DT unit, Year 5 were set the task to design an automated toy for a client. The brief was to raise awareness of endangered animals by creating a toy that would be eye-catching and also appeal to children. The children had a great time researching their animals before learning how to make … Read more

Feeling Good Week

Feeling Good Week really did make us all feel good. There was a huge focus on our mental wellbeing this year. Here you will see some photos of children with their First Aid certificates, the worry dolls the children created and the Phase session on building resilience. We also had lots of discussion on health … Read more

Investigating Square and Cube Numbers

Using multilink cubes, the children investigated how to make square and cube numbers. They were then challenged to make the biggest cube they could in 5 minutes. One pair managed to create 5 cubed and counted how many multilink cubes it needed. It all got very competitive!

Mandalas in RE

The children in Rowan and Willow Classes greatly enjoyed creating Mandalas in a recent RE lesson. These geometric designs hold great symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures and are used as instruments of meditation. The children found the process incredibly calming. The teachers did too!