Year 5 Djembe drumming

This term, Year 5 are lucky enough to be receiving Djembe drumming lessons each week, as part of the Year 5 music curriculum. The Djembe drum originates from West Africa, and roughly translates “everyone gather together in peace”. It’s certainly an exhilarating experience to drum together, but it is anything but peaceful! Under Caz Wolfson’s … Read more

Year 5 Rap!

The spring term was concluded with a fun and creative English topic: Rap music. Following on from looking at this genre in Music, children further deepened their knowledge and opinions of different types of rap music, before researching, planning and writing their own raps. This could have been on a topic of their choice, and … Read more

Willow Class debate

As part of our focus on British values, we have discussed the important role of democracy in our society, which has linked in with our English topic on persuasive language and debating. Beofre holding our own class debate, we discussed how to argue a point effectively, using facts, acknowledging opposing arguments, and maybe just a … Read more

Rowan Class get competitive!

This week has seen a number of different areas of learning come to a conclusion with particularly exciting endings. In games lessons within PE, we have been progressing our tag rugby skills. As all our games modules at William Ransom do, we ended this 6 week unit with a competitive class tournament. Rowan class are … Read more

Year 5 Still Life Drawing

Our current Art topic is Objects and their Meaning, where we have been looking at a variety of different artists’ compositions, and discussing the objects they have used, and what they might mean. We have also spent time thinking about our own personal opinions of these pieces of art, which has led on to today’s … Read more

Another fabulous Hawthorne Schools’ Project!

Year 5 children had the most wonderful time getting to know the patients and staff at the Garden House Hospice this term. Each visit gave them a new and exciting experience. The first visit included some ‘getting to know you activities’, a tour of the hospice including the garden, the wards, the day centre and … Read more

Year 5 Viking Day

Yesterday, Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in a whole day dedicated to our learning about Vikings! We had an amazing teacher, ‘Irik the Viking’, to teach us lots about many different elements of Viking life. He started with lots of interesting information regarding the Vikings first coming to Britain and the history … Read more