Role Play Mosque

The children in Pine Class were learning about Islam as their classroom was transformed into a Prayer Hall. Before entering, they had to take off their shoes and wash their hands. Girls covered their heads with a scarf. The children went into the ‘Prayer Hall’ in silence and found the prayer mat they had painted … Read more

Special visit in Pine

Pine Class have been thinking about the important things we need to survive and about how to look after a baby. We prepared questions to research everything about looking after a baby. Today we had a special visit from Miss Vivian, who then answered all of our questions. This will really help us to make … Read more

PE in Pine

We have been trying some indoor athletics in PE this half term. We have improved our technique in running, jumping and throwing!

Glove Puppets in Pine

We have started designing and making our glove puppets in D&T this term. This is a tricky process with lots of cutting and sewing to be done.

Home Learning Update

As we are getting closer to the end of term we thought we would refocus the learning for the children as we are aware lots of you will be at different points. Below is a timetable for the final four weeks of term, starting from Monday 22nd June. Each day there will be an English … Read more

Home Learning from 8th June

We hope you are all still enjoying your home learning. We are very much aware that you may be at very different stages and if you are still working through previous work, that is absolutely fine. You still have the links in previous posts for extra ideas on work and there are the links to … Read more

Home Learning: Summer Term 2

Welcome back to all of our children and parents! We hope you had a relaxing week and enjoyed the sunshine! Hopefully, you all found the previous update to our class page before the holidays. There was plenty of work uploaded there so you should still have lots to be getting on with. We have noticed … Read more

Home Learning

As some of you have come to the end of your current home learning work, here is some more for you to work through. Please remember that there is no expectation for you to be finishing all of this and any home learning is just a suggestion. When carrying out home learning, do not feel … Read more