Interactive Links

Here are some interactive links you could also use with your child if you are looking for additional tasks. Once the pdf is open, click on the task you’d like to do and you will be taken straight to the relevant page and activity. Follow the link below to view the pdf:

Year 2 Twitter

A Year 2 Twitter page has been created to be used whilst the school is closed. It can be found by following the link below. Please use this page as another form of contact with any queries about the Home Learning Tasks. It would be great to see photos of the children completing any tasks … Read more Year 2 Twitter

St Mary’s Church

Pine had an amazing time learning all about the church’s history and its most important features. We also learnt a lot about Christianity. Chris the Vicar and Warwick gave us lots to think about so we are very grateful to them and also to the parents who helped with the trip.