Science in Year 2

We are looking at how plants grow in Science at the moment in Year 2. We have been talking about all the things they need and we are conducting an experiment to find out. We have all planted a runner bean seed and we are going to watch how they grow. We have also planted … Read more

Display preparation in Year 2

As the whole school prepares its regal displays. Year 2 have been busy with a lot of college work. In Pine we are creating the Crown Jewels and in Cedar we are replicating flags of the Commonwealth. Hopefully you will be able to come in and see them very soon!

Rounders in Year 2

We have started learning some skills for rounders this half term, which we hope will help us build up to playing a full match! We are learning to bowl, bat and field so we are doing lots of throwing and catching!

Position and direction in Year 2!

We have recently moved onto learning about position and direction in Maths. We have learnt our lefts and rights, clockwise and anti-clockwise and quarter, half and full turns. We have a lot of fun practical work to help us with this. One activity was directing our partners to a set destinations on the playground!

Jubilee dance in Year 2!

We have a big performance coming up very soon! Year 2 will be performing a dance to represent the decade of 2000-2010 as part of our whole school plan to cover each decade the Queen has been on the thrown. Here are some photos of one of our first practises!

Platinum Plate Painting in Year 2!

As part of our ongoing Jubilee celebrations, we designed and painted plates this week. We had great sessions with the artist, who came in to help us. These plates will be excellent to look back on in the future as a great reminder of the Queen’s Jubilee and a very fun day in school.

TRY-ing Hard in PE

We carried on with our learning in tag rugby this week. Our tagging and dodging skills are amazing and our passing has really improved. We had a lot of fun scoring tries and winning house points.

Science Circus

Year 2 had an excellent time last week for Science week. We got to learn all about forces and we saw them in action during a very fun circus session. Later in the day we also got to have a go ourselves! We learnt how to spin plates and then started learning how to juggle … Read more

Fractions in Year 2

We have started looking at fractions this week, in Year 2. We are starting practically by making equal groups from the whole. We are sharing cubes and folding paper. We are doing a lot of this work with our partners to start with. We will eventually work towards using bar models to work out some … Read more

Y2 visit the church

The children in Pine and Cedar class really enjoyed their visit to St Mary’s church on Tuesday morning. When they first arrived, the vicar talked to them about the church and showed them some of the different features of a church. The children had a chance to ask questions, and then to have a good … Read more